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Elertus Reseller

Additional Revenue Stream

By incorporating the Elertus Sensor into your product line, you will be adding cutting edge technology that will bring you an additional revenue stream as you sell it to your customers.

Personalized Branding

The Elertus Sensor, online control center, and smartphone app are brandedElertus Branding for your company. It is a complete, streamlined monitoring and Alert system for your customers that, for every step along the way, will be seeing your name and logo.

More Customer Loyalty

Elertus keeps your customers more engaged in your products as they actively check the status of their important things, and receive weekly email updates letting them know that their belongings are safe and in tip-top shape.

When your customers consistently see how well your product protects the things that matter most to them, they’ll come to appreciate you even more!


Elertus Internet

Join The Internet Of Everything

Elertus can propel your business into the lucrative and burgeoning new “Internet of Everything” market, where everyday products are connected to their owners through the internet.

Several of the biggest technology businesses and analysts predict tens of billions of products being connected in this multi-trillion dollar new industry in the coming years. It is important to give your products this powerful connectivity early to gain an edge against your competitors.


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