About Us

Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Learn more about us.

Our People

Elertus employees are the core strength of our company. Our ongoing research and development provides new sensor products along with special product designs making Elertus unique compared to others within the industry. Our business units work together as a team.  All of our engineering, manufacturing, technical support and sales teams reside in our headquarters located Salt Lake City, Utah.  We take pride that we do not outsource our production outside of the USA. Someone is always personally ready to assist you with your Elertus Sensor needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.  Elertus products are designed with customer requirements in mind, providing the best suited products for applications.  After sale customer service and technical assistance is responsive building strong customer relationships over the years. Another factor that makes Elertus unique is the ability to listen to our customer’s requirements and customize our sensors to meet specific applications.


We are proud of the reputation that we have established for designing and manufacturing the most reliable multi-purpose remote sensors in the smart-sensor industry.  We strive to safely protect your most important things.

Our Solutions

We specialize in temperature, humidity, movement, water, door, and light detection. Through further innovation and engineering excellence, we will continue to provide leading edge products and world class service to our valued customers.

Faces Elertus

The Elertus Smart Sensor Provides 24/7 Monitoring Wherever You Need It!

The Elertus Smart Sensor can monitor when you door opens and closes, movement, temperature, humidity and light. It is small and can run for over a year of normal usage on its included AA batteries. And with is powerful Wi-Fi radio it is ideal for monitoring lots of things in your home or business.

  • Homes, Cabins, Apartments and Condos
  • Garages and Utility Rooms
  • Fridges/Freezers
  • Humidors, Wine Cellars
  • Your Filing Cabinet
  • Safe/Gun Drawer
  • Sheds, Server Rooms and More!

Use your imagination and start protecting “The Things That Matter Most” to you.

Customize Elertus for Your Needs

The Elertus Smart Sensor is completely customizable – allowing you to pick what alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them.

You can also have up to five people receive alerts to keep your most important things even more protected!

Elertus Offers Many Ways To Stay Connected

Elertus gives you several options to stay connected with your most important assets, including:

  • Smartphone App
  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Web Browser

With the Elertus App available free on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android it’s east to:

  • Check the Elertus Smart Sensor’s status
  • Receive Alerts
  • Customize Trigger Points
  • Manage Contacts

Monitoring and alerts are FREE with the Elertus Smart Sensor for the lifetime of your device!