Monitor your most important
things from anywhere.

Meet the Elertus Sensor

Is my freezer cold enough?

What if someone breaks in?

Did the light come on?

Is my water heater leaking?

The Elertus Smart Sensor is designed to watch out for your home, family, and your most important things – even when you can’t.

Every Elertus Smart Sensor monitors and alerts for temperature, humidity, movement and light. It comes conveniently packaged with either door sensors or a water leak sensor to help you more fully protect your most important things. Elertus helps you monitor what matters. From anywhere.


 Your Elertus connects to Wi-Fi and sends alerts to Tablets. Laptops. Phones. Computers. NO Subscription Fees.

With Elertus, you receive a free lifetime subscription to the monitoring service with the purchase of the device. That means you will always be able to receive Texts, Emails, and Notifications regarding the status of your most important possessions no matter where you are.

elertus smart devices


Customize Elertus for Your Needs.

The Elertus Smart Sensor is completely customizable – allowing you to pick what alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them. You can add up to 12 Elertus devices on one account and you can add up to 5 people to receive the alerts.



Is there a service fee?

With Elertus, you pay for the device…that’s it! The subscription to notifications is FREE for the lifetime of the device.

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Where can I use it?

You can set up your Elertus sensor virtually anywhere that has a Wi-Fi signal. We provide a small list of suggestions, but encourage you to use your imagination!

What powers Elertus?

The Elertus smart sensor runs on two AA batteries. The best part is the batteries will last over a year! This means no cords, no external power source, simplicity.

Is it safe?

You have nothing to fear. Elertus is as safe as the items it is monitoring. If your Elertus is tampered with you will be notified of a lost connection, or power loss. You can be assured you are the only one with access to the monitoring information.