Elertus Customer Reviews

yourproseo@gmail.com Elertus Customer Reviews, Remote Temperature Monitoring

The Elertus Smart Sensor remotely monitors temperatures and doors from your phone, tablet, and computer. Perfect for monitoring your home, cabin, sheds, garages, and more. Read our customer reviews we have received from our valued customers! Customer Reviews “We purchased the elertus to monitor our home when we are gone on extended trips away. Our primary concern is making sure …

Freezer Monitor Alert

Monitor Your Freezer and Fridge, Receive Alerts

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Keeping a fridge or freezer the right temperature is key to the function of many businesses. Not only for foods, but for hospitals, transporters, and many other industries. The Elertus Smart Sensor has proved time and time again to be a perfect solution for monitoring freezers and fridges. Receive real time alerts whenever the temperature rises or drops past the …

Remote Temperature Monitoring

yourproseo@gmail.com Remote Temperature Monitoring

Home temperature monitoring ensures the comfort and safety of your family, and the protection of your home and valuables from serious damage, no matter how extreme the season. A home temperature monitor eliminates unnecessary concerns when the mercury dips and rises by giving homeowners a peace of mind. Set it in a shed, basement, room, or drawer. Monitor a car, …